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Category: Mechanics simulation

FEM- Calculation as a service- Count on us !

We offer you professional FEM calculation as a service. Within the framework of a finite element calculation, we investigate the loads (e.g. deformations, stresses and strains) acting on your components. We can consider static as well as dynamic loads. Furthermore, the mapping of complex contact problems or the interaction [...] Read More

Structural design optimization - Save significant costs with component optimization !

The internal structure of a technical component describes all its elements and their respective interactions. Structural optimization is therefore essential for component optimization and comprises the following three hierarchically arranged stages: topology optimization, shape optimization and cross-section optimization. The industry standard for performing these calculations is the finite element method [...]. Read More

FE- Simulation Drop test- How severe is the impact damage ?

In the FEM simulation of drop tests, the explicit finite element method is used to calculate the component loads. This method, also known as explicit finite element analysis, is used to solve various physical problems, such as the deformation or strength calculation in this case. This process, which can be partially automated, allows us to calculate all structures and [...] Read More

Topology optimization - what is it ?

Topology optimization began in 1904 with Michell structures. Here, Michell considered beam structures and also developed a design theory whereby all beam structures intersect each other at a 90° angle. As a result, an optimal arrangement of tensile and compressive stresses was created. Furthermore, today this is also a method [...]. Read More

Stiffness optimization - Learn more here !

Stiffness refers to the resistance of a body to deformation by an external load (e.g. a force). In this context, the load can also occur, for example, through a moment, such as a torsional and bending moment. This process in turn depends on the load in question. Therefore, a distinction is made between the elongation, bending, shear [...] Read More
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