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Category: Thermal simulation, thermoelectric simulation and thermodynamic simulation

What is a thermal simulation ?

A thermal simulation is a replication of thermal behavior on components using numerical methods. This provides us with a powerful tool in the product development process. It is particularly powerful because it allows a complete calculation of the temperature distribution around, in or through components and can map the associated thermal operating conditions. [...] Read More

Thermal and thermoelectric analysis of electronic components

Thermal analysis and thermoelectric analysis are used to investigate frequently occurring temperature distribution in electronic components. Thus it can be determined already in the development stage whether the amount of heat introduced during operation can cause damage to boards or chips. The heat is distributed in the model by heat conduction or is dissipated by fans or heat sinks with the help of [...] Read More

Thermoelectric and thermal simulation to ensure product quality

Thermal simulation or thermal calculation enables the representation of heat developments and heat distributions within your assembly in interaction with adjacent individual components. By means of thermoelectric simulation, we depict the heat development through current flow within components and assemblies. Thus, for example, a statement can be made as to whether adjacent components are destroyed or damaged, [...] Read More
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