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Component optimization and sheet thickness optimization to save material and manufacturing costs

Achieve optimum functionality of your individual or series components with minimum material and cost input through structural optimization, sheet thickness optimization and topography optimization. Save costs by topology optimization (structural optimization) in areas where your part is hardly loaded at all, through the targeted mathematical removal of material without losing stability. Optimise your sheet metal parts by topography optimisation by bending them at the right places or by inserting beads. Through sheet thickness optimization and component optimization you can save additional weight and thus costs, while at the same time ensuring the stability and function of series or individual components.

Save on Product development Material and therefore manufacturing costs. Secure your construction despite cost minimization through optimal material usage with our help!

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topology optimization structural optimization component optimization topography optimization sheet thickness optimization

Representation of initial structure and optimized structure of a component

State of the art in component and structural optimization

Topology optimization or shape optimization describes the computer-aided calculation method for determining the shape of an individual component in accordance with the stresses to which it is subjected. In this process, part of the component volume is removed within a given installation space under given loads in areas of low stress and volume is added at heavily stressed points. Topography optimization, on the other hand, describes the computer-aided determination of a component surface that is as suitable as possible for stressing in order to optimally design sheet metal components. This makes it possible to determine not only the optimum positions for structural stiffening elements (beads or edges) for the specified loads, but also the optimum sheet thickness.

Often, however, expert knowledge is required for the optimization of components, especially when it comes to superimposed stress directions or installation space restrictions. In addition, a good middle course must be chosen between the numerically determined optimum shape or surface of a component and its manufacturability. Our experienced specialists are happy to help here and adjust the parameters accordingly to the needs of our customers.

Procedure for optimising components and sheet thickness optimisation

To optimize your components by topology optimization, topography optimization or sheet thickness optimization, we take a close look at the installation space and load of the respective component.

Depending on your specifications, we will find the ideal structure and shape for your components within the scope of component optimisation. Subsequently, in the context of reverse engineering, we will send you the optimized geometry for import into your CAD system. The procedure for structural optimization is essentially based on the same methodology as Structural Analysis. We are happy to help you determine installation spaces and implement them according to your specifications for component connection to other assembly components as boundary conditions for component optimization.

Determination of the parameters for component optimization

Parameters required for topography or topology optimization, such as loads, material data and available installation space are usually specified by the customer. However, we are also happy to approach your partners or customers to request installation spaces or envelopes of adjacent components. Thus we are able to carry out component optimisation according to your requirements.

Protection and evaluation of an optimized component

For procedural reasons, topology optimization or topography optimization can only be performed with linear elastic material models. However, plastics in particular usually exhibit highly non-linear material behavior (different stress-strain curves in different temperature ranges). On request, we carry out a FE- Analysis under consideration of nonlinear material properties. Thus we can guarantee the perfect functioning of the cost-optimized part.

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