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Equipment design - What you should know

Equipment design, like all operating resources themselves, is one of the elementary factors of production. These are available over a longer period of time for the operational production of goods and services. This also applies to the design of the equipment, which may have to be adapted again and again to current conditions or changes over a longer production period.

Operating resources - What do we mean by this ?

Under certain circumstances, it is necessary to create tailor-made solutions in the assembly, processing, production and handling of workpieces.

This development takes place in specific work steps. The operation of the systems in the construction runs partly still by hand, but sometimes also partly or fully automatically. We also refer to the machines as rationalisation devices or special devices. On the whole, however, the term "system" is most frequently used in this context. This is also the eponym for equipment design.

Equipment design construction of operating equipment
Equipment design: Special device for vehicle restoration

What is the process of a resource design ?

The development of the equipment is usually based on a large body of knowledge and many years of experience, but of course the latest technology is not to be disregarded. Care must always be taken to adapt the solutions to the customer, insofar as the laws of physics permit. The design of the equipment according to the customer's requirements is often carried out using the latest CAD techniques, which also give the customer the opportunity, for example, to view the result in the form of a component from the 3D printer.

The operating equipment is always manufactured individually for the individual products, machines or production plants. The designer works closely with the workshop in the design of the individual parts, which are then assembled afterwards to fit exactly. The construction here is very complex. While smaller equipment is often manufactured within a few hours or days, larger equipment often takes several weeks or months to complete. The advantage of equipment design is the time saved by using, arranging and providing standardized individual components during the production process for manufacturing products in large quantities.... 

Which parts are used ?

Uniform properties and dimensions are defined for individual parts and standard components. These comply with industry standards and are used again and again. Well-known examples are fasteners and components such as washers, bolts, nuts, screws and the like. Thousands of such standards in industry as well as in mechanical engineering define these components (so-called standard parts), which are available in the free trade. Standard parts can therefore often be downloaded by the designer as CAD data sets or ordered on the Internet and thus integrated directly into the design of the operating equipment.
Companies that specialize in standard parts manufacture these parts, sell them and constantly develop them further. In this case, these series products can be used for products or the operating equipment. Because standard parts should always be used for operating equipment as far as possible. These are available more quickly and are cheaper than in-house production. This results in enormous savings in costs and time, which makes the production process much more efficient.

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