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Indoor climate assessment using CFD simulation

The CFD Simulation is also used to evaluate the indoor climate, for example for office buildings, but also for other buildings such as factory buildings. The CFD Calculation maps the room to be analysed, including all supply and exhaust air systems. Based on the CFD analysis temperature and velocity of the flow in the respective room are thus illustrated. Click here if you want to learn more, how to improve the function and quality of your products with the help of CFD calculations can.

Use of the numerical flow simulation of the indoor climate

The numerical flow simulation offers the possibility to draw conclusions about the comfort of people in rooms. But also an energetic system optimization for the rooms to be considered is possible by means of the CFD analysis of the respective room. The CFD calculation thus provides information as to whether the air conditioning is sufficient in summer or whether the heating capacity is sufficiently dimensioned for winter operation.

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Temperature display in sectional plane in the room

CFD building simulation made to measure

streamline diagram cfd calculation room, streamline diagram cfd analysis room climate
Streamline display in space

Not only the thermal comfort of persons staying in the building is sometimes a decisive criterion for the evaluation of a numerical flow simulation of the room under investigation. The freedom from damage of room enclosing systems or the damage-free operation of corresponding machines and plants can also be examined within the scope of a CFD analysis.

Further examples of numerical flow simulation:

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