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CAE Simulations - Have your development process safely under control !

With the help of CAE simulation (CAE = Computer Aided Engineering), we consistently safeguard your products throughout the entire development and optimisation process.

No matter whether we verify the strength of a component roughly dimensioned in the development phase or optimise your entire design with regard to mechanical load, flow or production, we make you fit for the market!

In addition, we use state-of-the-art hardware and professional software to deliver on-time CAE calculations, even for complex models.

Subject areas for CAE simulations:

Which Advantages offer CAE calculations ?  

Components with specified requirements can thus be visually tested in numerous versions even before the start of production. This means that CAE (Computer Aided Engineering) enables development teams, for example in computer-aided programs, to design elements and directly test them visually. Therefore, the term "Aided" (Computer Aided Engineering - CAE) also means "supporting", as this is a supporting function in the development area. This means that it is not necessary to produce new expensive prototypes or carry out elaborate series of experiments every time. Incidentally, several experiments can be realized in a shorter time on the computer in this way. 

In addition, the time saved by CAE engineering is a very important factor. In addition, hypotheses about the design, geometry or load capacity of components can be evaluated correctly or incorrectly in advance and thus massively increase component safety. 

By visualizing the results of a calculation, this can additionally simplify the assessment. In fact, they are a great help, but in no way replace the need for physical component tests.  

Our experts for CAE solutions

Our CAE simulation experts with years of experience therefore work in an interdisciplinary manner to offer you the perfect CAE solution at the right time. For example, couplings of numerical flow simulation and FEM calculation or injection molding simulation to determine the fiber orientation for later consideration in the context of an FE analysis are possible.

If you have any questions or need further information, you will find here Answers to the most frequently asked questions about both quotation preparation and the project process !

Inquiries, project management and report writing can be done in English or Spanish upon request.

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cae simulation
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