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Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions about the smooth running of your engineering services and CAE projects commissioned to us.

The list covers

  • general questions in chronological order of a usual project schedule.
  • special answers on simulation and product development, as well as consulting services.

This list is constantly adapted to current issues and is part of our continuous improvement process. Often we put ourselves questions about our engineering services, before others do. In this way, we can optimise the operating process, ensure transparency by providing relevant information in a targeted manner and constantly improve the quality of our services.

Q: What about the confidentiality of my data ?
We take the confidentiality of customer data very seriously, even without a confidentiality agreement in advance. For us, the trust placed in us by our customers is the basis for a successful cooperation. However, we can also give you this in writing. For this purpose, we will either work out an appropriate template together or use the documents provided for this purpose in your company.

Q: When can I expect your offer ?
The time and effort required for the preparation of an offer depends on the type and scope of the project. In order to limit the organizational effort in the preparation of the offer, possible further project steps are considered as optional offer items. The Quotation preparation usually takes between 1-3 working days provided that we have all data and information necessary for the preparation of the offer.

Q: What does the offer consist of ?
A: We calculate the prices according to the estimated total effort for project implementation and project documentation multiplied by the usual hourly rates for engineering services. For Design services fall 75 € / h, for Mechanical calculations 90 € / h and for Flow calculations 110 € / h on. For Consulting services we estimate an hourly rate of 125 . Initial consultations to clarify the task or to prepare an offer are excluded from this and are of course free of charge. Also excluded from this are consulting services relating to projects or problems carried out together with the customer, for which no special training is required on our part.

Q: For a design task, we are looking for an experienced designer with industry-specific knowledge in xyz, including hardware and licensing. Your employee should be on site frequently/daily and work together with our team, however, due to the current economic situation in our industry, we have been given the specification by our purchasing department not to exceed 54 / h to pay for it, can you help us here ?
A: We will be happy to help you, but you must be aware that an hourly rate of 54 per hour may only include 50 minutes of our service and we have to charge accordingly for more hours. We work with well-trained specialists at a professional level who bring experience from various fields. You will also benefit from these competences in your field of work. Our hourly rates (see above) are therefore more than justified from our point of view, especially in this day and age.

Q: What are the total costs I have to expect ?
For Projects with low to medium processing effort the average cost is between approx. 2.000 and 10,000 . Depending on the task and project scope, however, the costs can be correspondingly higher or lower.

Q: What is your approach to finding a solution for my/our task?
We involve our customers in finding solutions from the very beginning. We start with simple and, above all, cost-effective solutions that often already lead to the goal. If several solution approaches are conceivable (and reasonable), you will usually find them as optional items in our offer. So you can choose for yourself which solution we should pursue further.

Q: When can you start? How soon can I expect results ?
Since our offer is based on the time estimated in advance and a project can usually be handled sensibly and effectively by only one project engineer, the total duration of the project (from the start of the project to the final report) can usually be estimated approximately on the basis of the offer price (net). If desired, however, interim results can be delivered in advance before the project report is completed and discussed accordingly.

Rapid processing depends on whether we have all the necessary input data from the customer, but also on whether the desired or expected results can be achieved with the data provided to us, or whether this requires additional expenditure that cannot be estimated in advance. Furthermore, the processing time depends on the current workload. However, we will communicate this accordingly before the project starts.

Q: I don't need a project report, can you give us a discount according to the amount of work calculated for the report and send me a summary of the results by email ?
A: For quality reasons, the report is an integral part of the project scope. Information addressed to an individual person (or group of persons) in a company can easily be lost due to retirement, fluctuation, etc., as well as the agreement with the customer to waive the project report. If after some time it can be traced back that a project carried out by Goebel Engineering GmbH was not properly documented, the impression could be wrongly given that we do not process or document our customers' projects in sufficient quality. Therefore we reject this as a matter of principle.

Q: How accurate are the results ? How can you be sure that the results are accurate ?
For design tasks, we check the function of the components either roughly, in accordance with the procedures generally used in mechanical engineering or, at the customer's request, by means of appropriate CAE calculations. Depending on the process, the accuracy deviations in structural-mechanical calculations are approx. 10-15 %, in numerical flow calculations even at up to 20 %. If tests or measurements are/were carried out by the customer, we can compare our results with them. Otherwise we validate our results (if possible and reasonable) by means of rough calculations or, if necessary, by empirical values (e.g. similar results for similar problems). If we are unable to present plausible results (in due time), we involve our customers as well as the corresponding software support in finding a solution. The causes of errors often lie in small details, which can be determined more quickly in a joint dialogue.

Q: Can you deliver the project report in another language ?
Of course we will be happy to supply you with your Project report in English or Spanish on request. As long as we only have to prepare one project report and not several reports in several languages, no additional costs are incurred.

CAE simulation projects

Q: What information do you need to prepare an offer ?
A: In order to provide you with an offer tailored to your needs, we need

  • Material or substance properties,
  • the CAD geometry data of the components to be examined or the flow space to be examined in stp-, or igs file format,
  • as well as a description of the load cases or flow conditions to be investigated as accurately as possible.

If no CAD data of the flow space to be investigated is available, we can also derive the geometry from the CAD components surrounding the flow space. A sketch or drawing, as well as an inquiry regarding a strength or flow proof according to a special standard (without additional explanations or descriptions of the load cases or flow conditions to be examined) is unfortunately not sufficient for a quotation. We ask for your understanding that in case of doubt, if the data is incomplete, we will estimate the effort rather higher. If the input data itself is not yet available to you in full, we can submit a budget offer on special request, in which a possible non-binding price range is stated.

Q: There are only 2D drawings of our components, can you prepare us a quotation for a strength/flow analysis based on the drawing data ?
A: We would also be pleased to submit to you on the basis of 2D drawing data a corresponding offer. However, please make sure that you provide us with the Drawings in pdf- format as we do not usually use 2D CAD software. Since CAE analyses are usually carried out on the 3D model, separate costs may be incurred for modelling the 3D model from a set of 2D drawings. However, this is usually communicated prior to the start of the project and is also described accordingly in the offer.

Q: We cannot provide you with material or fluid properties/ data. Can you make appropriate assumptions ?
We are happy to research relevant data, provided that it is freely available or can be taken from the usual standard literature. However, the more accurate the input data of a simulation are, the more accurate the results will be, which is why we recommend that you at least request a material data sheet from your supplier or even carry out material tests if necessary.

Q: The results presented in the report on the result plots show excessive values, but are classified as uncritical. How can that be ?
Singularities can occur in the vicinity of boundary conditions applied in the model (temperature, force, support, etc.), in mechanical calculations but also in areas close to contact. These are partly caused by the applied numerical methods, but can also result from simplifications agreed upon in mutual consultation with the customer (e.g. temperature application of an edge instead of a surface). Our experienced engineers know the difference between a numerical singularity and a critical result and estimate the simulation results accordingly realistically.

Product development and design services

Q: What information do you need to prepare an offer ?
Since the project scope requested here usually covers the entire product development process, in most cases there is little or no input data available. To check whether an idea is technically feasible and economically reasonable, we first need a sketch or a rough description of the project. If the product to be developed is an add-on solution to an existing apparatus in your company, we usually arrange an appointment on site to get an appropriate picture of the task at hand. In this case, CAD data of the equipment to which a construction to be developed is to be attached are also helpful.

Q: Can I assign you as a private person with the development of my product idea ?
Even though you may have a brilliant idea, as a private person you often underestimate the cost of product development. Therefore we only work on tasks from private persons against prepayment.

Q: Can you support me not only in the development but also in the patenting of my product idea ?
We would be happy to coordinate the patenting of your product idea or, if desired, to put you in contact with a corresponding specialist.

Q: I found an interesting solution for the (energy) problems of mankind on the internet. The idea described at this website is a perpetuum mobile, but my solution will work by guarantee. Can you help me to develop and patent the product ?
These are often ideas that are neither technically nor economically sensible or feasible. We therefore assume neither responsibility nor liability for the successful implementation and patenting. We are happy to support you in the implementation of your project, but of course only against prepayment.

Consulting services

Q: How can you support us in our product development process ?
Together with you, we not only develop the appropriate concept, but also accompany you through the entire development process if desired. In doing so, we not only offer design services and technical calculations, but also coordinate prototype or material tests on request.

Q: Can you help us to optimize our manufacturing processes ?
If relevant parameters can be represented in a simulation or we can draw on our experience to optimize the respective manufacturing process, we will be happy to help you.

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