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CFD Simulation - A great way to visualize flow !

With a CFD simulation (CFD = Computational Fluid Dynamics), we make flows visible for you, around and through parts and also for assemblies and components. Numerical flow simulation, also known as CFD analysis or CFD calculation, is not only suitable for mapping flows in three-dimensional space (3D CFD), but also for determining and displaying mixing ratios, temperatures, and the dispersion and concentration of substances. The individual requirements of your product are clearly in the foreground for us, as is our claim to find cost-effective solutions for you. We would be pleased to help you with your Reduce manufacturing costs and also ensure the quality and function of your products.

CFD - Simulations as a service:

  • Different flow conditions (laminar, turbulent)
  • Compressible and incompressible flows (gases, liquids)
  • supersonic and subsonic flow
  • FSI simulation (fluid-structure interaction)
  • Heat effects and conjugated heat transfer (convection, radiation and conduction)
  • Multiphase flow (mixture of different phases and material flows)
  • Stationary and transient (time dependent)
  • Complex geometries and moving meshes

Our focus as a service provider:

  • Multiphase flow
  • Porous media
  • Flow through moving components (moving mesh)
Projects for CFD calculations are for example:

CFD analysis of a stirring process

Practical example: Flow simulation with heat transfer in a stirred tank. The turbulence of the flow in this dynamic simulation can be clearly seen.

CFD - Simulation - Results and Benefits:
  • Pressure losses
  • Temperature distributions
  • Heat transfer by flow
  • Display e.g. of the flow velocity
  • Representation of the flow course (Does the flow run exactly as expected ?)
  • Effect of pressures on mechanical components (fluid-structure interaction)
  • Representation of multiphase mixtures (e.g. water-oil)
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