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Moldflow Simulation - How to optimize your production with our powerful methodology !

Using a Moldflow simulation, we visualize the manufacturing process of your plastic components. With us, you can detect injection molding errors (for example, due to shrinkage and warpage) at an early stage of production planning and can specifically counteract them with our expert advice. As experts in plastics and structural mechanics, we also map the fiber orientation of fiber-reinforced plastics, and can therefore use coupled Finite element simulation make a statement about the strength of your components.

Optimize your injection molded parts by a Moldflow simulation and identify weak points in the injection molding process !

Moldflow Simulation Injection Molding Moldflow/Moldex

Injection moulding simulation- Our services:

  • Gate situation
  • Representation of the distribution system
  • Filling simulation and warpage analysis
  • Shrinkage in the component
  • Warpage
  • Different materials and media
  • Overmouldings
  • Mapping of the fibre orientation for fibre reinforced plastics
  • Strength calculation (FE analysis) under consideration of the fibre orientation
  • Gas injection technology (GIT)
  • Water Internal Pressure Technology (WIT)
  • MuCell process

Results and benefits of Moldflow simulation

  • Determination and optimization of the cycle time
  • Determination of moulded part defects
  • Minimization of warpage
  • Determination of the spraying pressure on cores
  • Calculation of component and mould temperature
  • Improved component and tool quality
  • Optimization and constructive redesign of the component
  • Determination and optimization of process parameters
  • Optimisation of cooling and holding pressure phase
  • Already first samples with good parts due to optimized tool construction
  • Strength calculation of components by coupling with FE- simulation

Experienced plastics specialists and application consultants from the automotive sector ensure that there are no unpleasant surprises during the production of your injection moulded parts.

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