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Tag: Injection moulding

Filling study injection moulding- Find errors in the manufacturing process before production costs explode !

Injection moulding (also known colloquially as injection moulding) is the most commonly used production process in plastics processing. In this process, the material to be processed is liquefied (plasticized) by the injection molding device and then injected directly into the mold. The mould in the filling study during injection moulding is usually electrified. On the one hand, this serves to [...] Read More

Injection mould design - What you should pay attention to !

In this article, you will learn what you should definitely consider when designing an injection mould. An injection mold is a permanent mold that is used to produce components using an injection molding machine. This mold is usually made of metal and creates the part over a cavity, which provides the structure of the surface as well as the shape [...] Read More

Injection moulding design rules- What is important ?

The injection moulding design rules are decisive for injection moulding fair design, so that the process flow and the component quality are perfect during injection moulding, these important rules must be observed. As design experts with years of experience in the field of plastics, we not only help you to design the optimum injection moulded part, but also help you to find the best solution for your [...] Read More
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