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Topology optimisation camera swing arm - Generative design in practice !

Topology optimisation in practice is the development and optimisation of a component based on a given design space, taking into account a given load profile. This development process is also referred to as generative design. The example shown here of the topology optimisation of a swing arm used as a mounting for a device was created with the kind permission of the [...] Read More

Design example Adiuvad - Steps back to life

This design example was created in cooperation with the company faber Biomechanik GmbH from Nittendorf. faber Biomechanik GmbH was founded in 2011 and produces and distributes medical products. As an engineering service provider, we are pleased to be able to support the company faber Biomechanik GmbH in the development of this innovative product and therefore also point out the corresponding [...] Read More

Filling study injection moulding- Find errors in the manufacturing process before production costs explode !

Injection moulding (also known colloquially as injection moulding) is the most commonly used production process in plastics processing. In this process, the material to be processed is liquefied (plasticized) by the injection molding device and then injected directly into the mold. The mould in the filling study during injection moulding is usually electrified. On the one hand, this serves to [...] Read More

Plastic design with special material for your highly functional component !

Plastic, often referred to as plastics, is a material consisting of macromolecules in particular. Thereby, the most important material properties of plastics are properties such as plasticity, hardness, elasticity, energy of destruction, heat resistance and heat resistance. However, chemical resistance, fire resistance and operating temperatures also play an important role in plastic design. Through the choice of polymer and [...] Read More

FEM- Calculation as a service- Count on us !

We offer you professional FEM calculation as a service. Within the framework of a finite element calculation, we investigate the loads (e.g. deformations, stresses and strains) acting on your components. We can consider static as well as dynamic loads. Furthermore, the mapping of complex contact problems or the interaction [...] Read More
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