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Tag: Topology optimization

Topology optimisation camera swing arm - Generative design in practice !

Topology optimisation in practice is the development and optimisation of a component based on a given design space, taking into account a given load profile. This development process is also referred to as generative design. The example shown here of the topology optimisation of a swing arm used as a mounting for a device was created with the kind permission of the [...] Read More

Structural design optimization - Save significant costs with component optimization !

The internal structure of a technical component describes all its elements and their respective interactions. Structural optimization is therefore essential for component optimization and comprises the following three hierarchically arranged stages: topology optimization, shape optimization and cross-section optimization. The industry standard for performing these calculations is the finite element method [...]. Read More

Topology optimization - what is it ?

Topology optimization began in 1904 with Michell structures. Here, Michell considered beam structures and also developed a design theory whereby all beam structures intersect each other at a 90° angle. As a result, an optimal arrangement of tensile and compressive stresses was created. Furthermore, today this is also a method [...]. Read More
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