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Tag: FE- Calculation

FEM- Calculation as a service- Count on us !

We offer you professional FEM calculation as a service. Within the framework of a finite element calculation, we investigate the loads (e.g. deformations, stresses and strains) acting on your components. We can consider static as well as dynamic loads. Furthermore, the mapping of complex contact problems or the interaction [...] Read More

FE- Simulation Drop test- How severe is the impact damage ?

In the FEM simulation of drop tests, the explicit finite element method is used to calculate the component loads. This method, also known as explicit finite element analysis, is used to solve various physical problems, such as the deformation or strength calculation in this case. This process, which can be partially automated, allows us to calculate all structures and [...] Read More

FEM example: Calculation of a pedestrian bridge

This FEM example from practice for the static calculation of a pedestrian bridge was developed within the framework of a non-profit project in cooperation with the company Kirchgässner Elektrotechnik GmbH, with whom we have a long-standing partnership. Kirchgässner Elektrotechnik GmbH is a strongly expanding family business with headquarters in Binau and the right contact for [...] Read More

FE analysis of rubber and plastic components

Linear-elastic material models are generally unsuitable for the FEM calculation of rubber or plastic components. Small strains are assumed for linear calculations. When calculating the strength of rubber or hyper-elastic plastics, we must assume both high strains and non-linear material behaviour. The correct selection of the material model and the corresponding [...] Read More

FSI simulation of a cylinder head

The FSI simulation (fluid-structure interaction) describes the interactions between mechanics and flow on the components under consideration. CFD analysis and FE analysis are coupled together. In this simulation example, the influence of air cooling by heat conduction and heat transfer at the cylinder head on the mechanical stresses, deformations and forces in the component is to be investigated. For the execution of the [...] Read More
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