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Filling study injection moulding- Find errors in the manufacturing process before production costs explode !

Injection moulding (also known colloquially as injection moulding) is the most commonly used production process in plastics processing. In this process, the material to be processed is liquefied (plasticized) by the injection molding device and then injected directly into the mold. The mould in the filling study during injection moulding is usually electrified. On the one hand, this serves to [...] Read More

Engineering service provider for simulation with experience

As an experienced engineering service provider for simulation, we have been dealing with complex technical calculations for over 10 years. Thus, we ensure the correct functioning of your product under given loads. In addition, we are able to simulate your manufacturing process in order to also ensure that a manufacturing of your products [...] Read More

Your Simulation service provider with know-how

As an experienced simulation service provider, we have been dealing with complex technical calculations and simulations for over 10 years. Thus, we prove the correct functioning of your product under given loads. In addition, we can also safeguard your manufacturing process on request. As a service provider for technical calculations, we ensure that your [...] Read More

CAE application - which utilisation is possible?

The application of computer-aided engineering (CAE) enables the virtual development of machines, components and systems within a very short time. In this process, designs and constructions are virtually "tested" by means of corresponding simulations without the need to build an expensive prototype. Definition of CAE (Computer Aided Engineering) Computer Aided Engineering is understood to be both [...] Read More

Engineering services - expansion of our range

Through consistent further development and expansion of our partnerships, we now also offer engineering services in the following subject areas: Injection molding simulations with Moldflow Manufacturing simulation of plastic components and injection molding processes Strength calculation and FE simulation of plastic components taking into account fiber orientation Different materials and media Determination and optimization of process parameters Find out more about our range of services ! [...] Read More
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